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Attributes of UNSAccountB not getting updated during an update


We're running v7.1.2 at the moment and will be updating to v7.1.4 soon.

We've got Office 365 connected via PoshNet40/powershell connector and we're running into an issue where attributes like phone numbers for a user isn't getting updated in Office 365 when the user record is updated. New user record creation is fine. We can see the custom process getting fired and processed, however there doesn't appear to be any call out to Office 365.

We're using the UNSAccountB object as the account object type, with the default attributes set. The default attributes set does not include attributes such as phonenumber, mobilenumber, etc. We're just wondering if this is the cause of the updates not getting through to Office 365, as there is nothing to compare against for an update?

We've raised a ticket previously with support and they are equally perplexed, as there is no synchronisation log generated for an office 365 account update. Due to it being a custom integration, there is a limit to the amount of assistance they can provide.

If it's due to the UNSAccountB table not having the other attributes, is it as simple as extending the table with columns matching the missing attributes?

Thank you.