Is authentication method workflow step mandatory for resetting password workflow?


I am using password manager 5.8.2.

I have a requirement that a helpdesk user can reset password for employee without any authentication.

I have some employee who does not need to create a QA profile. If those employees call to the help desk for reset the password, help desk people will reset the password for those employees

So, for the reset password workflow we do not need any authentication method. 

We have only two workflow steps for resetting password

  1. Reset password in active directory
  2. Reset workflow if error occurs


Now, I am testing this scenario and getting error

“User profile doesn't have helpdesk question at index 0 for the helpdesk authentication”

“Select a method to authenticate.”


Is authentication method mandatory for resetting password workflow? If not, can you please guide me how can I overcome this error.

Thanks in advance.