SAP-Certified IAM Solutions

Get IAM Right – Even when SAP is involved

Provisioning and access management in a SAP environment can be costly and error prone. With deep SAP integration and certification, One Identity’s IAM solutions get IAM right for SAP - and beyond - by automating process, securing access and enabling governance, which allows you to focus on strategic business objectives.



Take on IAM with the confidence that the technologies, partners and practices you rely on are certified by your most important technology provider – SAP. One Identity offers SAP-certified solutions for user-lifecycle management (provisioning, re-provisioning, and de-provisioning), governance (attestation and audit), and authentication (single sign-on and password encryption to both SAPgui and NetWeaver implementations).

Deep SAP Integration

One Identity offers the deepest integration with SAP available and the fine-grained capabilities to leverage existing SAP security models - and even improve on them if you like. If SAP is the most important applications in your enterprise IAM program, only One Identity offers the integration, certification, experience and support capable of helping you achieve your desired outcomes.

From Administration to Governance

Because of the complexity of native tools, SAP admins have to jump through numerous hoops to perform even the simplest identity task. True governance often seems impossible. But you can break out of the SAP-centric IAM program with One Identity to enjoy business-driven governance with consistent and efficient processes for your SAP enterprise and far beyond.

Access Management

Vulnerabilities in how users log on to SAP systems — emanating from user behavior and underlying technology — present unacceptable risk to your organizations. One Identity delivers ease of account administration and ensures that the right people have the right access. Plus, you can realize the promise of secure authentication, single sign-on, and a unified log in experience.

Better Tools

SAP is a powerful enterprise resource, that’s why you rely on it. Unfortunately, some of SAP’s modules simply don’t cut it when it comes to IAM. One Identity delivers enterprise IAM that is easy to use, more powerful that SAP’s tools and ties administration to governance. In addition, One Identity overcomes the authentication risks and shortcomings of native SAP options.

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