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Podcast: Speaking of Next-Gen Privileged Access

This six-part podcast series explores the world of Privileged Access Management and aims to get you thinking about PAM and how secure your organization really is.

Speaking Of Next-Gen Privileged Access is powered by One Identity.


Episode 1: What is Privileged Access Management?

In this first episode of Speaking Of Next-Gen Privileged Access from One Identity, host Charles Commins asks the question - what is PAM?


Episode 2: Traditional vs Next-Generation PAM

In this episode we explore the differences between traditional and next-gen privileged access management.


Episode 3: Why Your Security Strategy Should Start with Identity

In this episode we hear from One Identity cybersecurity expert Ian Stimpson on why your cybersecurity strategy should always start with identity.


Episode 4: Developing the Future of PAM

In this episode Charles Commins is joined by Prasanna Kumar Ballepali of Prosegur and One Identity cybersecurity expert Alan Radford to discuss issues around RPA and how it can fit into your PAM solution.


Episode 5: Controlling The Access

In this episode Charles Commins looks at how organizations can control privileged access and foil cyberattacks while still enabling productivity.


Episode 6: Next Steps

In this episode Charles Commins looks back on what this podcast series has taught us about next-gen privileged access management and looks at the next steps your organisation should take.