New IAM e-book offers real-world examples, of real-world organizations, solving real-world problems, and getting it right…finally

I talk to a lot of people about identity and access management (IAM) and one common theme I see across all of them is that IAM is hard, and that projects rarely live up to expectations. In other words, if you’re like most people you probably have an IAM inferiority complex. The truth of the matter is you are probably no worse off than anyone else. The typical obstacles to IAM success and the symptoms of an IAM project headed down the wrong path are common across almost everyone I talk to.

So take heart, you’re not alone.

In the new e-book Strategies to ensure success for your IAM project I talk about a few organizations that faced these same challenges but were able to adjust and engage in IAM projects that turned out to be the successful exception, not the typical failure.

  • A large bank was able to overcome a $1 million-a-month password reset expense through a unified approach to heterogeneous access
  • One of the world’s leading document management companies overcame the limitations of customized and rigid framework with a thoughtful, step-wise approach leading to enterprise governance
  • A Fortune 50 technology company finally got enterprise provisioning right after multiple failed attempts with “traditional” IAM frameworks
  • An energy company automated more than half of its provisioning workload in a 14-week project after trying for 3 years with “legacy” solutions.

Some simple shifts in mindset and strategy with a focus on future-ready technology were the keys to these organizations turning all-to-common failure into resounding IAM success.

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These strategies for success apply to all areas of IAM including access management, privileged account management, and identity governance. Future e-books will cover these areas in more depth with use case-specific advice to make your IAM success a foregone conclusion. Start with the second e-book in the series: Governance: The Elusive Last Mile of IAM.

Everyone struggles to have IAM success, now you can finally get there.

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