• 2018 September Highlights Part 1

    Starling Connect:

    Connectors:  SuccessFactors Users/Groups management connector will be available later today.  A SuccessFactors HR connector is currently in development, and will be available soon.

  • 2018 August Highlights Part 3

    Starling Connect:

    Connectors:  Two new connectors roll out later today.  Jira Server (for users and groups) and RSA Archer (for users, groups, roles and profiles).

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    Azure Active Directory Risk Intelligence:  It’s…

  • 2018 August Highlights Part 2

    Starling Connect:

    New Product Launch:  We are excited to announce the release of Starling Connect, a new cloud-architected solution built on top of our Starling platform.  Starling Connect is available today.  You can start your own 30 day trial by going …

  • 2018 August Highlights Part 1

    The Starling Platform:

    Maintaining control over who, and what, has access to your Starling tenant: Our Software as a Service (Starling) offerings continue to expand.  As the person responsible for your Starling tenant, that is the Starling tenant administrator…

  • 2018 July Highlights Part 2

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    Customization for Attribute Based Risk  The recent enhancement that factors in attribute data in risk classification can now supports further customization.  The default Best Practice values can be tuned and optimized…

  • 2018 July Highlights Part 1

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    Attribute-based factors included in risk classification:  Identity Analytics greatly expands to include attribute based data when performing risk classification.   The attribute scope includes accounts and computers…

  • 2018 February Highlights

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence


    Privileged Password and Privileged Session Support:  Another great milestone to draw attention to today.  Let’s say you’re a smart cookie and you know you have a problem with shared admin access.  So you…

  • 2018 January Highlights Part 2

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:


    New And Increased Risk Tracking:  Collecting and highlighting risky entitlements is an ongoing operation.  A schedule controls how often entitlements are collected and analyzed.  As new and increased high risk is…

  • 2018 January Highlights

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    A number of across-the-board updates rolled out including

    UI Performance Improvements:   A number of updates rolled out targeting improved UI response.  These updates are targeted at IARI administrators that manage…

  • 2017 December Highlights Part 2

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:


    Support for Managed Units:  Identity Analytics supports different data sources like Active Roles Server and Active Directory.   Specific to the Active Roles Server data source, Identity Analytics added support for…

  • 2017 December Highlights Part 1

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:


    New Classification Rule:  A new classification rule released that targets groups and group memberships.  Identity Analytics can now be configured to watch any group and members of the group are identified as having…

  • 2017 November Highlights Part 2

    Platform Updates:

    Status and Incident Response:  A few changes were rolled out to enhance the status and incident response information.  First, the status paged was moved from behind authentication and made available on the top-level view.  This view (the…

  • 2017 November Highlights Part 1

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:


    Native Active Directory Module:  Identity Analytics releases support for a new platform today, Active Directory.  You can access the new module on the Configure - Collector Agents page.  Identity Analytics now discovers…

  • 2017 October Highlights

    Platform Updates:

    User Access:  The User Access view was updated to include Starling 2FA users.  Prior only Identity Analytics users were viewable.  Now, the view lets org admins see collaborators invited to their org from any Starling service.



  • 2017 September Highlights Part 2

    Platform Updates:

    Subscription Admin:  The User Access view under settings was updated to account for a new permission:  subscription admin.  This new capability was added to account for an edge case where the organization admin invited other people to collaborate…

  • 2017 September Highlights Part 1

    Platform Updates: 

    User Access:  A new feature was rolled out for tenant administrators.  The "organization admin', that is the person with administrative responsibilities for the Starling org, has a new view to see and manage user access.  You can…

  • 2017 March Highlights Part 2

    Starling Platform:

    Azure AD work account support: As we continue to enhance the Starling platform we are keenly aware that many organizations struggle with managing security and identities across all their various SaaS applications. To help customers…

  • 2017 March Highlights Part 1

    Starling 2FA:

    Role Management Enhances: The admin dashboard now permits administrators to modify roles of other 2FA collaborators. As the Starling ecosystem continues to expand this simplifies how administrators control access to existing and future Starling…

  • 2017 February Highlights

    Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) Platform:

    Go Live: One Identity is excited to announce the launch of our new Software as a Service platform! Organizations can continue to rely on One Identity's claim of offering solutions that are modular and integrated…

  • 2017 August Highlights

    Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence:

    First a quick congratulations to all the teams involved with the official launch of Starling Identity Analytics and Risk Intelligence!  It was a total team effort across the business.  We're excited but realize…

  • 2017 June Highlights

    Starling Platform:

    Infrastructure:  All of these updates should remain hidden from view as the back-office is updated to support the upcoming launch of Identity Analytics.  Integration and testing is being conducted on multiple services like order processing…

  • 2017 May Highlights

    Starling 2FA:

    Let's start with Starling Two-Factor Authentication.   Feel free to kick the tires via a free, self-service 30 day trial.  

    RADIUS Agent is Available: A lot of existing applications have built-in support for RADIUS.  The new RADIUS agent allows…

  • 2017 March Highlights Part 3

    Starling Identity Analytics & Risk Intelligence updates:

    New classification rules:  These rules process the data and identify additional high impact accounts.  The three existing rules looked at Active Roles and identified accounts with Active Roles…

  • Active Roles 7.1 – Automation for On-Prem AD and Azure AD

    Using the single, familiar Active Roles interface, there is no longer a need to be constantly switching between consoles, and writing complex scripts in an attempt to automate, because Active Roles does it for you. 

    Creation of a user, for example, can…

  • How Active Roles 7.1 Interfaces With Both On-Prem and Azure AD

    With version 7.1, the One Identity Active Roles solution has expanded its scope to cover both on-prem AD (as its always done) and Azure AD. Here’s an explanation of how it works.

    The ADSI provider serves as the interface between the Active Roles…