• 6.1.1 Web Designer pop up not closing

    Hi All,

    I am having a weird problem. I recently upgraded to 6.1.1. In webdesigner, I am previewing web project and the pop up doesn't close. This is true even with vi_ standardweb. I attached a screen shot to show how obvious is what I am doing. I can…

  • Import of a transport failing

    Hi All,

    I am running into a weird issue. I made changes to some files on Web Designer which were previosuly saved using a different label. When I tried to save to a new label, I got a pop up asking if I would like to delete the file from the previous label…

  • How to make the web interface responding to multiple URLs


    I encounter some difficulty about  the URL configuration on the Identity Manager web application.
    I already configured the Identity Manager to respond to a specific URL. For that, we configured both the web.conf configuration file and the application…