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One Identity Manager

Identity Manager Integration
One Identity Manager delivers identity governance and administration (IGA) to your entire enterprise, including many of the most popular and strategic target systems. See below for the complete list of platforms, systems and environments with which Identity Manager integrates and optimizes to bring true governance to your organization.


Ping Identity

Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) together are key components of an identity and access management (IAM) program to protect all classes of users throughout the identity lifecycle, including the authentication and authorization needed when users access critical resources. With this partnership, Ping's capabilities are available to One Identity’s customers. They now can leverage the convenience and security of Ping's SSO, MFA and application-level access control solutions that seamlessly integrate with One Identity’s market-leading IGA solution, Identity Manager.

SAP-certified integration

Since 2003, One Identity Manager has delivered certified integration with SAP. Our on-prem and cloud solutions enhance SAP compliance and governance with a cross-platform view that merges the SAP ecosystem with a comprehensive view of non-SAP resources. In addition, you consolidate user-provisioning, de-provisioning and permissions-management tasks for all SAP applications to one solution. The One Identity Manager SAP Connector supports:

  • SAP R/3 and S4HANA
  • SAP Human Capital Management
  • SAP Business Intelligence
  • SAP GRC Access Control
  • SAP Cloud Applications

Service Now

One Identity Manager integrates with ServiceNow, the leading ITSM solution. The ServiceNow integration module allows customers to derive value from their investment in Identity Manager, as well as their investment in ServiceNow. This deep integration allows requests, approvals and fulfillment to be managed in their preferred platform, whether that’s Service Now or Identity Manager. For requests made in Identity Manager that require manual fulfillment (no automated provisioning is available or preferred), the integration creates a ticket in ServiceNow. For requests that originate from ServiceNow and require automated fulfillment (automated provisioning is available and preferred), they can be automatically provisioned through Identity Manager. All activity is tracked in One Identity Manager and ServiceNow for reporting and audit purposes as needed. The integration between One Identity Manager and ServiceNow delivers complementary identity-access-governance and service-management solutions, which in turn ensures enhanced user-access control to help meet stringent security and compliance requirements. In addition, users can perform activities that are configured within the system, such as password changes, access approvals and account management.

Microsoft Azure

One Identity Manager simplifies user-account administration for Azure Active Directory. It streamlines processes that map subscriptions, and manage service plans, groups and administration roles. This makes true governance of your cloud environment possible, including attestation, identity audit, user-account management and system entitlements, IT Shop or report subscriptions for Azure Active Directory tenants.


One Identity Manager simplifies user-account provisioning and administration for Google Suite. One Identity Manager Sets up user accounts and manages required permissions. Its capabilities include controlling membership to groups, organizations, admin roles, as well as the mapping of products and SKUs.


To keep up with the rapid pace of change, organizations need to deploy applications faster and reduce expenses from running legacy application. For organizations to do this – to digital transform without completely disrupting their business – they must operate with a hybrid environment as they continue to move resources to the cloud. To help smooth the transition to the cloud, One Identity Manager provides support for container-based images for some of its core components.


Integrate employee and organizational HR data with Identity and Access management capabilities to increase security and provide overall governance on premise and in the cloud.

NEXIS Controle

NEXIS Controle is an industry-leading identity analytics and modeling platform aimed at helping organizations manage entitlements and business roles. NEXIS Controle provides out-of-the-box integration with One Identity Manager using the ReST API to connect its role-mining capabilities with lifecycle-management capabilities of One Identity Manager.


One Identity Manager and SecZetta together deliver the convenience of non-employee identity-risk-and-lifecycle management with the control of identity governance. Organizations can build and execute business processes for how non-employees are brought into the organization then connect them with the appropriate workflows within Identity Manager. This integration enables seamless provisioning and deprovisioning of access, as well as collaboration among multiple internal and external contributors, including vendors and business partners.


Hideez is a multipurpose wireless security key that consolidates a number of authentication tools - password vault, One-Time-Password generator, FIDO and also RFID/NFC key for physical access – into one convenient solution. Hideez includes a server for remote provisioning/de-provisioning credentials to the user security key.


VeriClouds is a credential-verification service that helps organizations detect compromised credentials before hackers do. With VeriClouds CredVerify, One Identity customers can check for stolen credentials and privately compare passwords of their accounts against billions of leaked records.

Argos from ASPISID

Argos, from ASPISID, is a monitoring solution that tracks the health status of One Identity Manager with pre-configured intelligence. It can prevent incidents from end-users by promptly detecting any malfunctioning and coordinate the effort of the supporting teams. Argos detects and resolves issues before they can impact the user or your organization. It features easy and fast installation, customization, scalability and automated workflows.


SCIM is an industry standard that enables IGA solutions to quickly integrate with cloud systems. One Identity Manager fully supports SCIM and delivers integration to a fast-growing number of SaaS applications through the Starling Connect service. For a full list of supported applications.


The process of launching an identity management site is difficult in any tool. Deployment Manager automates One Identity Manager processes of building transports to migrate code changes from one environment to another. This is a combination of process and technology that automates the promotion of code from test to production. This means you can test any change before running it in production.


One Identity Manager offers simplified user account administration for a Privileged Account Management (PAM) system. One Identity Manager sets up and edits user accounts and assigns them to user groups.