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One Identity Manager

One Identity Manager delivers identity governance and administration (IGA) to your entire enterprise, including many of the most popular and strategic target systems. See below for the complete list of platforms, systems and environments with which Identity Manager integrates and optimizes to bring true governance to your organization.


SAP-certified integration

One Identity Manager has featured SAP-certified integration since 2003: SAP environments face unique IAM challenges due to the business-critical role they serve in your enterprise. One Identity Manager offers simplified user administration for SAP R/3 environments by setting up and processing user accounts as well as group, role and profile assignments.

Microsoft Azure

User account provisioning is the creation and management of user access to resources in an IT system. One Identity Manager offers simplified user account provisioning and administration for Azure Active Directory. One Identity Manager equips users with the required permissions, subscriptions, service plans, and assignment to groups and administrative roles.


One Identity Manager offers simplified user account provisioning and administration for Google Suite. One Identity Manager sets up user accounts and manages required permissions in this leading cloud-based productivity suite. Its capabilities include controlling membership to groups, organizations, admin roles, as well as the mapping of products and SKUs.

Service Now

One Identity Manager offers simplified integration with ServiceNow. Users that originate from either system can easily navigate between ServiceNow and Identity Manager, which gives users a ‘one-stop shop’ for all manner of IT requests. This integration ensures clear audit trails and strong controls are in place to meet security and compliance requirements. One Identity Manager creates service request tickets within ServiceNow.
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To keep up with the rapid pace of change, organizations need to deploy applications faster, and to reduce expenses incurred from running legacy application in a traditional manner. To do this – to digital transform without completely disrupting their business – organizations must move through a hybrid environment to begin leveraging the cloud. To help customers with overall management of their identity management infrastructure and their transition to the cloud, One Identity Manager provides support for container-based images for some of its core components.
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The process of launching an identity management site is difficult in any tool. Deployment Manager automates One Identity Manager processes of building transports to migrate code changes from one environment to another. This is a combination of process and technology automates the promotion of code from test to production. This means you can test any change in your test environment before running it in production.


Nexis Controle is an industry-leading identity analytics and modeling platform aimed that helps organizations manage entitlements and business roles. Nexis Controle provides out-of-the-box integration with One Identity Manager using the ReST API to connect its role-mining capabilities with lifecycle-management capabilities of One Identity Manager


SCIM is an industry standard that allows IGA solutions to more quickly integrate with cloud systems. One Identity Manager fully supports SCIM and delivers integration to a high number of SaaS applications through the Starling Connect service. For a full list of supported applications
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Mapping a Privileged Account Management system in One Identity Manager One Identity Manager offers simplified user account administration for a Privileged Account Management system. One Identity Manager sets up and edits user accounts and assigns them to user groups
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