IAM: A case of mistaken identity.

In light of recent, well-publicized cyber-attacks , it is apparent that barriers such as manual processes to request and grant access, the expansion of new applications, and heavy IT involvement and sometimes over-provisioning  to ensure access, have left  many organizations at risk and vulnerable to security risks.

However, the next-generation of Identity and Access solutions are changing how the market views access governance by helping organizations solve current and future security risks while also adding business value through increased operational agility. By placing access control decisions in the hands of the business owners, these next-generation IAM solutions enable you to improve business agility and security.

Identity and Access solutions can improve business agility with a  modular and integrated approach which enables IT to proactively secure users and data, meet uptime requirements, satisfy compliance obligations and increase productivity—all while giving users access to the data and applications they need to do their job.

Businesses understand the importance of having the right security in place and ensuring compliance and achieving governance. And with the right Identity and Access solution, they are able to change, adapt and achieve security and business agility today and in the future. 

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