• Secure password extension

    Hi experts,

    Password Manager

    We are currently NOT using the Q&A profile to authenticate users, so none of our Password Manager users are "Registered".

    We are facing an issue when using the SPE plugin. When a user clicks on the…

  • How modify insert parameter for text


    I want to modify parameters for insert to text.

    How can I change it?

    Thank You

  • Enforcing Password History / Notifying the user why their password change failed.

    Not sure if I'm missing an option somewhere.  As configured, password history checking is working when a user attempts to reset their password.  However, the error message simply states:

    Your password does not comply with configured password policies…

  • Migration between environment

    Hello experts,


    We are in the process of migrating the configuration of the Password manager from development to quality environment.

    What would be the optimal way of migrating this configuration?

    Our current situation go as follows:

    • Dev: One Instan…
  • Password Gauge not showing

    Just did a migration from 5.6.x to 5.7.1.


    We have imported the configurations from the old instance.  When users are managing their password, and entering a new password, the password gauge is not showing.  We have checked the web.config on the User Self…

  • Realm instances not seeing each other

    I'm working on a migration from 5.6.x to 5.7.1.

    We have two servers that we want to sync up.  The secondary instance is able to see the Primary instance, at least in the General settings tab, however the Primary is unable to see the secondary.  We have…

  • Double QA Profiles stored on Users

    I just worked on a migration from 5.6.x to 5.7.1.

    After the migration manager ran, many users have two QA profiles stored in there comment attribute, with many users unable to use Password Manager.  Migration Manager was unable to resolve the double profile…

  • User must change password at next logon set after accessing Q&A profile


    We're running an old version of Password Manager (4.7.3073) and have an issue that if a user looks at their Q&A profile though self-service, but doesn't make a change, then their account is set to "user must change password at next logon".…

  • Enforce Update of Q&A Profile for all users


    Is there any possibility to Enforce Update of Q&A Profile for all users after questions change?

    I would like that all users will be informed like on the screen below:





  • HTTP Version not supported, permissions question.



    I'm receiving the "HTTP version is not supported" when trying to create a password policy through Password Manager. 


    I have check the permission through IIS, the service account has the correct permissions for the App_Data folders…

  • Password Policy Manager Access Denied Error?



    I'm experiencing an error when trying to save a One Identity Password Policy.  In the application I'm getting a HTTP unsupported error, and in the ven tlog I see an Access is Denied Error:

    Result: CriticalError
    Service: QPM.Service…

  • User Self Service Site customization?

    I have a client that would like to add a footer message on the User Self Service Site, when a useris initially searching for their account.  A simple "For help call xxx-xxx-xxxx" message.

    I'm unable to determine where I can add this message looking…

  • Is there additional custom options for CAPTCHA?


    I've had a unique question come across me today.  In a Password Manager Implementation the client was curious to know if there was a way to have an audio CAPTHA for people that are unable to see clearly.

    Has anyone dealt with this before?


  • high availability architecture

    Hi experts,

    We have a question regarding the different possible ways of installing the password manager.

    What we would like to have is 2 full installations following a high availability architecture active-active (active-passive should also do the trick…

  • Howto implement reCaptcha v2

    Hi experts,

    I have realized that implementing the recaptcha functionality is not so straight forward.

    I am guessing that just adding the activity “Display reCAPTCHA” is not enough. That I need to make a POST to google with the g-recaptcha-response (html…

  • Email Notifications to more than one recipient?


    Is there a method to have Password Manager send the success/failed email notifications to another recipient in addition to the user in question?


    Thank you,


  • Question & Answer Policy Case Sensitivity question...


    Is there a way to disable/enable case sensitivity to Question & Answer responses?

    Thank you,


  • Powershell Custom Activity Write into AD


    I am looking to create a custom activity that can allow user to update certain custom attributes in Active Directory.

    Inside the SDK documentation, I have noticed a UserAccountInfo class and AttributeInfo class.

    Please enlighten me on how can I…

  • Password Manager Schedule Tasks modifications possible?



    I'm looking to modify the scheduled task for password expiration notifications, instead of a straight countdown, from X days, to a notification at 30 days, one at 14 days, then a daily from 7 days on. My first thought was to create additional…

  • Self service site not loading the page

    Please find below the snap shot, This page is only displayed when we try to browse the self service site.

    Can you please guide us on this, and how do we proceed further on this?

    What is website which I need to configure?


  • Modifying Self-Service Home Page Pt. 2

    I have found the User.xml file for many changes I wanted to make, however I have a request from a customer to change the Details messages on an error screen.  In the details I would like to change the system administrator, to a contact number for the client…

  • Migration Manager not running on Win 2008 R2?



    Has anyone else had an issue of the Migration tool not running on Windows Server 2008?

    2008 R2 Migration Tool won't run.


      Stopped working

    Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name:                     APPCRASH

      Application Name:                           QPM.MigrationWizard…

  • SPE Customization Options...

    Hello guys,

    I have a client that is requesting some additional customization to the SPE UI than I have done previously.


    They would like to change the "If you forgot you passowrd...." paragraph, perhaps remove it completely.

    They would like…

  • Reset Windows Password using Defender Soft Token

    I'm looking how to reset windows password by using defender soft token as an option other than using Q&A

  • PWM 4.6 and 5.7 instances on One Domain Question...


    I'm looking to create a new Password Manager 5.7 instance fora customer that has an existing implementation of 4.6. 

    They are looking to use both solutions while they determine if they are able to migrate the users to the new version.  My first…